Further Instructions for Authors

Preparing the Manuscript:

Read the Aims & Scope to get an overview and determine whether your work is appropriate for this publication. Prepare your manuscript using the Microsoft Word template. Check that problems such as publication ethics, copyright, authorship, figure formats, data, and reference format have been properly addressed. Ascertain that the submitted manuscript’s content has been approved by all authors.

Categories of Publications:

Manuscripts submitted to SRJ must adhere to word count guidelines; specifically, they must be between 5,000 and 6,000 words long while still covering all relevant ground. In order to replicate the results, thorough experimental details are required. When submitting to SRJ, authors are expected to publish all experimental controls and provide complete datasets when applicable. Manuscripts submitted to SRJ must not have been previously published, nor be currently being reviewed for publication elsewhere. The most prevalent types of articles are as follows:


Manuscripts reporting original research are welcome at the journal so long as they accurately report scientifically valid experiments and add significant new knowledge to the field. Authors shouldn’t split their works into multiple manuscripts unless absolutely necessary. During the peer review process, both the study’s quality and its potential impact will be evaluated.

Review Articles:

These are clear and precise summaries of the most recent findings in a particular field of study. Guidelines that are generally accepted should be used for systematic reviews.

Preprints, Case Reports and Conference papers:

Neither preprint case reports nor conference proceedings can be submitted to nor published by SRJ. On the other hand, enlarged and high-quality conference papers might be classified as articles provided that they match the following requirements:

The article has been lengthened to research paper proportions. On the opening page of the document, you should reference and make note of the conference paper. If the authors do not own the rights to the published conference paper, they must obtain permission from the rightful owner before submitting it for publication. Authors must indicate in the cover letter that the paper was presented at a conference and explain the changes made from the original presentation. SRJ does not publish pilot studies or studies with inadequate statistical power.